Eth asic resistant

eth asic resistant

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What are ASIC Miners in Crypto? (Animated Explanation)
The phrase ASIC-Resistant refers to mining and blockchain algorithms that shouldn't provide any advantage to ASICs over customer-grade hardware. ASIC-Resistant refers to blockchains and mining algorithms designed to provide ASICs with no advantage over consumer-grade hardware. Ethereum (ETH, or Ether): The ETH coin uses the Keccak hashing algorithm, which is designed to resist hashes from ASIC machines. The Ethash.
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GST registered. Updated on : Dec 15, - PM. But in the Thanos upgrade, the Ethereum Classic team updated the network with the Kecaak algorithm, just like Ethereum. It required a large amount of data to be read from memory, and this requirement would increase over time, making older hardware impossible to use to mine the chain.